How do you know if your toaster was made using slave/prison labor? How do you know if the working conditions are unsafe? You don’t. While as individuals we all have different views on what the minimum humane conditions on the job should be, we want those conditions to be met. Over the last half century much of our manufacturing and other jobs have been moved offshore to take advantage of the cheaper price of labor afforded by inhumane working conditions.

I propose a tax on the “economic value” created by a business which uses unsafe and inhumane labor practices. These taxes would mirror the current level of enforcement practiced within the US and replace the fine based laws. This would be a tax assessed at the time of purchase and all revenues of this tax would be returned equally to all American Citizens. All this does is make products coming from companies who treat employees unsafely and inhumanely less competitive. This puts pressure on the business leaders to fix this.

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