There are about Hundred Million Missing Girls who should be alive, but aren’t. These Missing Girls were either the victims of gender selective abortion, infanticide, or neglect. This is one of the greatest tragedies in our world today. 100,000,000 girls lives have been prevented or ended at a shockingly young age just because they were girls.

We know where these girls are being cut down, but we do nothing and say nothing. Honestly, what can I as a citizen do? We can’t pass laws in other countries, but we can hit their business leaders where it hurts them.

I propose a tax on the “economic value” created in a country which has a gender imbalance. This would be a tax assessed at the time of purchase and all revenues of this tax would be returned equally to all American Citizens. All this does is make products coming from countries which broadly use gender selective techniques, less competitive. This puts pressure on the business leaders in a country to pressure their politicians to fix this.

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