I’m Rick Lewis

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Since 1973 the middle class has been shrinking while the richest and most powerful keep getting richer and more powerful. About half of that time the Democrats were running the government. The other half, the Republicans were in charge. We keep giving the other party a chance to fix things, but the American Dream keeps moving further away.

The situation isn’t even really the politicians’ fault. On average, it takes over a million dollars to win a congressional seat.  A typical Congressperson must raise over a thousand dollars every day, just to keep their job.  All the good they want to do, all of their plans, none of it will ever happen if they don’t raise enough money to keep their job.  This is a fatal flaw of our system. Even the best-intentioned politicians are forced to cozy up with rich donors if they want to keep their job long enough to accomplish anything. This is why our system works great for the rich, but poorly for everyone else.

It isn’t the politicians, it is how politics are played. Let’s change the game together.

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Rick Lewis.  My background is in Military Intelligence, Business Development, Artificial Intelligence and Game theory.  Basically, I have the resume of a highly competent James Bond Villain and fixing complex problems is what I have been doing for the last 25 years.

My Dad is the guy with the James Bond Villain mustache.

Pay to play politics, a winner take all mentality, and a fixation on nothing other than the next election has doomed us to decades of short-sighted feel good policies which have so eroded the American Dream that many don’t believe the dream ever existed.

As a politician, I have many weaknesses. I haven’t lived the life that many of you have. Doors have never been closed to me because of what I look like or the life I lead. I don’t know your struggles. What I do know is math, how to analyze a system and how to make a system accomplish the goals set before me. This is what I do for a living and what I intend to do for you. I will work to fix our political system so that politics don’t trump good policy.

Check out my bio to confirm that I’m every bit as boring as you expect a middle-aged engineer to be, or more interestingly pop over to the issues section to see how I plan on actually fixing politics. I would also love to hear your feedback. The first rule of Systems Engineering is that the more stakeholders who are engaged, the less likely is the occurrence of unexpected failures. (Two heads are better than one… Yeah, I know, we love overly complicated jargon.)

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